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What are HEIC and HEIF images?

HEIC/HEIF (High-Efficiency Image Format) is an image file format developed by MPEG, designed to provide high-quality image compression with reduced file sizes compared to JPEG.

It utilizes advanced compression algorithms, such as HEVC (H.265), to efficiently store and represent image data.

HEIC/HEIF supports image containers, allowing a single file to contain multiple images, burst photos, animations, or image sequences (e.g., Live Photos).

It offers advanced features like transparency (alpha channel), 16-bit color depth, wide color gamut (including HDR), and lossless compression options.

HEIC/HEIF provides better image quality with reduced artifacts, preserving image details more effectively than traditional formats.

Compatibility may be an issue, as HEIC/HEIF is widely supported on newer devices and operating systems but may require conversion or transcoding for compatibility with older devices or software.


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